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Authors Illustrators
Nancy Kelly Allen Colleen O'Connor Olson 
Susan Eaddy
Tracy Barrett Debra West Smith 

Marie Bradby
Martha Bennett Stiles 
Linda Gondosch 
Jennifer Trafton 
Bethany Griffin  
Patsi B. Trollinger  
Helen Hemphill 
Kristin O'Donnell Tubb      
Grace Howell     Patricia Wiles      
Candie Moonshower 




 Nancy Kelly Allen

Please E-mail the author for additional contact information


Picture Books:

  • Once Upon a Dime, Charlesbridge Publishing, 1999
  • On the Banks of the Amazon, Raven Tree Press, 2004. Appalachian Book of the Year in Children’s Literature
  • Whose Noise Is This? Picture Window Books, 2004
  • Whose Food Is This? Picture Window Books, 2004
  • Whose House Is This? Picture Window Books, 2004
  • Daniel Boone: Trail Blazer, Pelican Press, 2005
  • The Munched-Up Flower Garden, Red Rock Press, 2006
  • Stuff for Sale, Red Rock Press, 2008

Short Stories:

  • "Moonbow," Piano Press, 2003
  • "The Skinny Skeleton," Piano Press, 2004

Program Topics:

  • Write Right: Students learn how to use graphic organizers in the process of writing.
  • You're a What?: In this interactive session, Nancy describes life as an author.
  • Mad Enough to Chew Nails: Students learn writing techniques designed to bring characters alive through the use of descriptive language, dialog, and emotions.
  • Every Picture Tells a Story: (For Educators) Nancy provides techniques for effective use of picture books across the curriculum.
  • From Bald-Faced Lies to the Honest Truth: Kentucky Musings: (For adults) The uniqueness of Kentucky's rich culture is presented through humorous stories from across the state.

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 Tracy Barrett


             E-mail   Web site


Five stories in the educational series The Reading Works, 1975

Nat Turner and the Slave Revolt, The Millbrook Press, 1993

Harpers Ferry: The Story of John Brown’s Raid, The Millbrook Press, 1993

Growing Up in Colonial America, The Millbrook Press, 1995

Virginia, in series Celebrate the States, Benchmark Books, Marshall Cavendish, 1997

Tennessee, in series Celebrate the States, Benchmark Books, Marshall Cavendish, 1998

Kidding Around Nashville, John Muir Publications, 1998

Kentucky, in series Celebrate the States, Benchmark Books, Marshall Cavendish, 1999

Anna of Byzantium, Delacorte Press, 1999; paperback Laurel Leaf Books, 2000 (Booklist

Editor’s Choice; Top Ten Historical Fiction [Booklist]; Blue Ribbon Book, Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books (cover story); American Library Association Best Book for Young Adults; American Library Association Quick Pick; “2000 Books for the Teen Age”; Chicago Public Library “Best of the Best 1999;” a “Notable Social Studies Trade Book” [Social Education, National Council for the Social Studies]; Arizona State University English Education Honor List; Scholastic Book Club 11/00; 2001-2002 Texas Lone Star Reading List; recommended book PBS TeacherSource; Arrow Editor’s Pick [Scholastic] 6/02; translated into Dutch, Japanese, Italian, French; listed in Kathleen Odean’s Great Books for Girls [2002] and Rebecca Barnhouse’s The Middle Ages in Literature for Youth: A Guide and Resource Book [2004])

The Trail of Tears: An American Tragedy, Perfection Learning Corporation, 2000

Six entries in the multi-volume encyclopedia Women in World History, Yorkin Publications             (2000)

“The Children’s Crusade,” AppleSeeds Magazine, December 2001

Cold in Summer, Henry Holt Books, 2003 (Best Books for the Teenage 2004 [New York

           Public Library]; Best Fantasy Books [Voice of Youth Advocates]; Best Children’s

           Books of the Year 2004 [Children’s Book Committee at Bank Street College of

           Education], Mark Twain Award nominee [Missouri Association of School

           Librarians], Volunteer State Book award [Tennessee] master list, South Carolina

           Book Award nominee)

The Ancient Greek World, in series The World in Ancient Times, Oxford University Press,

           2004 (with Jennifer Roberts)

The Ancient Chinese World, in series The World in Ancient Times, Oxford

           University Press, 2005 (with Terry Kleeman)

On Etruscan Time, Henry Holt Books, 2005 (translated into Italian; on the William Allen

          White Award 2008 Master List, Mark Twain Award [Missouri] nominee 2007-


The 100-Year-Old Secret, Book 1 in The Sherlock Files, Henry Holt Books, 2008;

           paperback Square Fish, 2010 (Great Stone Face Book Award Nominee 2010

           [New Hampshire]; Volunteer State Book Award Nominee 2010-2011 [Tennessee];

           finalist, Nevada Young Readers’ Award 2010; Young Hoosier Book Award

           Nominee 2010 [Indiana], Kansas State Reading Circle; Iowa Children’s Choice

           Award Nominee; Sequoyah Book Award Nominee 2011 [Oklahoma]; 2011-2012

           Virginia Readers’ Choice Master List Nominee; a Junior Library Guild selection).

           Also published in Japanese, Korean, and Turkish, and as an audiobook (Listening


The Beast of Blackslope, Book 2 in The Sherlock Files, Henry Holt Books, 2009;

           paperback Square Fish, 2011. Also published in Japanese, Korean, and Turkish,

           and as an audiobook (Listening Library)

The Case that Time Forgot, Book 3 in The Sherlock Files, Henry Holt Books, 2010. A

          Junior Library Guild selection. Also published in Japanese and Korean, and as an

          audiobook (Listening Library).

King of Ithaka, Henry Holt Books, 2010. A School Library Journal Best Book of 2010.

The Missing Heir, Book 4 in The Sherlock Files, Henry Holt Books (in press,

          Spring, 2011)

The Dark of the Moon, Harcourt (in press, Fall, 2011)

Program Topics:

  • How a Book Gets Made
  • Figurative Language: Metaphors and Similes
  • Cut it Out! How to Use Fewer Words and Say More
  • Hunting for Treasure: Research
  • Nuts and Bolts of Writing for Children (for adult audiences)

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 Marie Bradby


        E-mail   Web site


  • More Than Anything Else, Richard Jackson/Orchard Books, 1995. IRA Award
  • The Longest Wait, Orchard Books, 1998
  • Momma, Where Are You From? Orchard Books, 2000. Golden Kite Honor Award, Nest Literary Classic
  • Once Upon a Farm, Orchard Books/Scholastic, 2002.
  • Some Friend, Richard Jackson/Atheneum, 2004. Starred Review, Publisher's Weekly

Other Works

    Short stories, poems, and memoir pieces in various fiction anthologies. News articles in Louisville Magazine, Today's Woman Magazine, The Courier-Journel newspaper, and on-line. 

Program Topics:

For Children:

          The importance of reading and books.

          The life and times of Booker T. Washington.

          How books are made, from the first word to bound book.

          The printing process of books.

          A growing season on a farm.

          Land Use: The disappearance of family farms and topsoil.

          How I became a writer, from school to published works.

          Six ways to improve your writing.

          Tips for writing the news story.


For Adults:

          “Inspired Writing,” writing from that still, quiet mind.

          “Writing the Novel Using Bits,” including journal entries, poems, research, morning pages, and tight plotting to keep it moving, and increase focus and tension.

          “The Historical Book,” using research to create the historical fictional character.


"I read my works and lead an age-appropriate, interactive group discussion with students, using slides and writing and publishing samples. For small groups in grades 3 - 8, I can conduct a creative writing workshop."




"I have conducted writing workshops for adults at various venues: SCBWI-Midsouth Conference, Antioch Writers Workshop, Appalachian Writers Workshop, Tennessee Mountain Writers Workshop, Carnegie Center, and Spalding University, etc."


For author visits, contact Marie Bradby at www.visitingauthors.com.

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   Susan Eaddy




            E-mail  Web site 


Susan Eaddy is a modeling clay illustrator.





  • Papa Fish's Lullaby, NorthWord Books for Young Readers
  • 1st Look at Trucks, Soundprints and The Smithsonian Institution
  • 1st Look at Aircraft, Soundprints and The Smithsonian Institution
  • 1st Look at Rescue Vehicles, Soundprints and The Smithsonian Institution


  • The Toothpaste Game,  Ladybug magazine, 2005
  • Valentine Nachos, Spider magazine, 2006
  • To a Pizza, Spider Magazine 2008
  • Sleepy Bear Maze, Ladybug magazine 2008
  • Great Barrier Reef, Ladybug magazine 2009
  • Puppy Party, Babybug Magazine, 2009
  • Star light, Star Bright, Ladybug magazine, 2010
  • Candy Hearts, Ladybug Magazine 2010
  • Pancake, Babybug Magazine 2011
  • Front Cover, Babybug Magazine 2011

More than 80 books and covers in the educational market, including:


  • Puppets, Incentive Publications
  • Dinosaurs, Incentive Publications
  • Teacher’s Bag of Tricks, Incentive Publications
  • Happy Hands & Feet, Incentive Publications
  • What to do with a Squirt of Glue, Incentive Publications
  • Dinosaur Learning Fun, Incentive Publications
  • Reading, Writing, Science & Math Yellow Pages, Incentive Publications
  • Get Set for Math Success, Incentive Publications
  • Every-Day- All-Year-Long Book, Incentive Publications



Power Point Presentation at 3 separate grade levels, with an interactive story reading for the

younger students & a program on illustrating a book from start to finish for the older children

  • Pre-k-1st. Level 1 Interactive story-time, brief texture match game & how I decided to be an artist -20 to 40 min.
  • 2nd & 3rd Level 2  Interactive story-time, brief texture match game & a more in-depth look at an illustrator's process- 30-45 min.
  • 4th – 8th  Level 3 In-depth path of a picture book created in clay, from raw manuscript to printed piece; with emphasis on the huge role of research & cooperative skills in working with a client- 40-50 min.


See website to get more details and/or download a Visit Packet.



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Linda Gondosch


Web site   E-mail 



  • Where Did Sacagawea Join the Corps of Discovery? And Other Questions about the Lewis and Clark Expedition,  Lerner Publishing Group, 2011
  • How Did Tea and Taxes Spark a Revolution? And Other Questions about the Boston Tea Party, Lerner Publishing Group, 2010       
  • Camp Kickapoo,  E.P. Dutton, 1993
  • Brutus the Wonder Poodle,  Random House, 1990
  • The Best Bet Gazette,  E.P. Dutton,  1989
  • The Monsters of Marble Avenue,  Little, Brown & Co., 1988
  • Who's Afraid of Haggerty House?,  E.P. Dutton, 1987
  • The Witches of Hopper Street,  E.P. Dutton, 1986
  • Who Needs A Bratty Brother?,  E.P. Dutton, 1985
  • The Strawberryland Choo-Choo,  Parker Brothers, 1984


Focus on the Family Clubhouse, FOF Clubhouse, Jr.,  Hopscotch, The Education Center, Pockets, Counselor, Power Station, Touch, Discovery Trails, Club Connection, Story Friends, Primary Treasure, R-A-D-A-R, The Winner  

Program Topics:  (Most programs are 40-50 minutes and include Powerpoint, lots of visuals, and time for Q & A.  The Kindergarten program is 15-20 minutes long.)

  • My Life as a Writer -- How did I go from Miss Newport's 2nd grade class to becoming an author of ten books?  How can students become better writers?
  • Where Does a Writer Find Ideas for Stories? -- How do I get ideas for my books?  How can student writers get ideas for their stories?
  • Ten Tips for Better Student Writing -- How can students make their writing stronger using sensory language, strong verbs, dialogue, word pictures, and more?  How can students improve their writing by revising and rewriting?  How can writers jump start their stories with "What if?" questions?
  • Plot, Characters, and Setting: The Building Blocks of Fiction Writing -- What does a writer need to build a great story?  How did I develop the plot, characters, and setting of Camp Kickapoo?
  • The Process of Writing -- From Idea to Finished Book -- How does a book evolve through stages of thinking, planning, writing, revising, and editing?  How does a writer work with an editor and illustrator?
  • The Lewis and Clark Expedition -- Why did Thomas Jefferson send Meriwether Lewis and William Clark into the uncharted lands of the American West in 1804?  What incredible adventures did the Corps of Discovery experience as they explored Louisiana Territory and Oregon Country?
  • The Boston Tea Party -- What exciting events led to the American Revolution?  Why was the Boston Tea Party of 1773 a turning point in American history?
  • Writing Nonfiction -- Stories from Real Life -- How did I write Where Did Sacagawea Join the Corps of Discovery?  How can students research and write reports for school?
  • Kindergarten Meets the Author -- An Introduction to Authors and Book Writing   

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Bethany Griffin

Web site     E-mail


Young Adult:

  • Handcuffs, Delacorte 2008
  • Masque of the Red Death, Greenwillow Books, 2012

Program Topics:

  • Teaching and Writing -- Time management, making connections, and high school as inspiration.
  • Edgy YA Literature -- What are the Trends? Where are the Boundaries? What are the author's responsibilities?
  • YA Literature -- What is it? How has it evolved? What are kids reading? Includes writing and publication tips.
  • Query Letter Workshop -- My query had an over 50% request rate and was featured in an article my agent wrote for The Writer. Query writing is an art, and I have a few tips and examples that have proven effective.
  • Turning a Novel into a Screenplay -- Covers the ongoing process to rewrite Handcuffs as a script (Harts/Lunsford Pictures)

    Desired area would be around Louisville, can go further on weekends!
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 Helen Hemphill

E-mail   Web site


  • Runaround, Front Street, an imprint of Boyds Mills Press, Inc., coming in May 2007
  • Long Gone Daddy, Front Street, an imprint of Boyds Mills Press, Inc., 2006
  • Hattie’s Carnton: Plantation Life in the Generation of the Civil War, Historic Carnton Foundation, 1999

Program Topics:

  • Reading with a writer’s point of view
  • Re-Vision, then revision
  • Writing voice: let the character speak
  • Using 6+1 Traits® in the classroom (teacher training)
  • Writing the non-fiction essay using the tools of a fiction writer (student workshop)

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 Grace E. Howell



  • True Friends, Historical fiction (middle-grade), Echelon Press Publishing, 2005
  • Periodical: Happy Times, May 2003, Concordia Publishing House

Program Topics:

1. Proper Pruning for Perfect Prose (Self-editing)
2. Inspiration and Perspiration (Where to get ideas and how to get them on paper)
3. Writing Alive (Writing about what you know through experience and research)
4. What Makes a Story? (setting, character, plot, point of view, etc.)

A teacher and school librarian, Grace E. Howell enjoys working with children and adults. After serving five years as regional editor for The Lutheran Witness, completing graduate level writing classes at the University of Memphis, and participating in many writing conferences and symposiums, she is qualified to organize and lead writing workshops. As a Master Gardener and a volunteer church worker, she has conducted many seminars and spoken to a number of large groups.

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 Candie Moonshower




  • The Legend of Zoey (middle grade novel), Delacorte Press, July 2006


  • Monthly articles in Business Tennessee magazine, The Tennessean, and other publications

Program Topics:

Candie Moonshower enjoys school visits to elementary, middle and high schools, and is happy to speak to teachers, librarians and media specialists. She can tailor her author talks to age-appropriate material geared toward historical research/writing and journaling, and she has worked with small groups of high school students interested in writing fiction. Her workshops and author visits are interactive and fun for students and adults. Topics include but aren't limited to:

  • The Harried Housewife's Guide to Writing Your Novel in Seven Free Minutes a Day--Candie's slide show offers a humorous look at the writer's life
  • Ten (Giant but Essential) Steps to Writing and Publishing Your First Novel
  • Plotting with Panache!
  • Successful Critique Groups
  • Journaling: From Recapping to Scene-Writing (both adults or students)

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 Colleen O'Connor Olson



  • Scary Stories of Mammoth Cave, Cave Books, 2002
  • Prehistoric Cavers of Mammoth Cave, Cave Books, 2004

Program Topics:

  • Scary stories from Mammoth Cave National Park: Discussion of 19th and 20th century tales of ghosts, monsters, and getting lost deep in the cave and what makes a story fiction, legend, or fact.
  • Archeology of Mammoth Cave National Park: Discussion of what prehistoric Native Americans did in Mammoth Cave, what kind of artifacts they left behind (including mummies!), what they ate, and how we study them today.

Programs are 45 minutes long, including questions, but can be made shorter or longer to fit your schedule.

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 Debra West Smith

Bradyville, TN

E-mail     Web site 



  • Hattie Marshall and the Prowling Panther - Pelican Publishing, 2005 (2nd ed.)
  • Hattie Marshall and the Dangerous Fire - Pelican Publishing, 2008 (2nd ed.)
  • Hattie Marshall and the Mysterious Strangers - Crossway Books, 1996
  • Hattie Marshall and the Hurricane - Pelican Publishing, 2000
  • Yankees on the Doorstep: The Story of Sarah Morgan - Pelican Publishing, 2001
    (Included in SCBWI list of Books Publishers Recommend for Children Dealing with Crisis and Tragedy)
  • Study guide for Yankees
  • From Time to Time: Creation to Judges, Bible study - Lifeway Christian Resources 


  • Adventure (monthly articles, 1993-1999), Keys for Kids, Teen Power, More
  • Livingston Parish News, The Advocate, Starburst Publishing’s devotional collections

Program Topics:

  • Preserving Family Stories – how the Hattie Marshall series began, with emphasis on students recording their own family history.
  • The Treasure Hunt - bringing the past to life through the adventure of research.
  • Living in Precarious Times – discuss how Sarah Morgan’s wartime journal sustained her and reveals a girl’s life during the Civil War.
  • Creating Characters to Recall - elements of characterization and finding authentic voice.
  • Pearls, Pixels, and Pruning – writing for periodicals.
  • These can be adapted for 3rd grade to adult participants, and include a slide presentation.

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 Martha Bennett Stiles

Martha Bennett Stiles Sailing to Freedom  

E-mail     Web site



  • Sailing to Freedom, Henry Holt and Co., 2012, Middle Grade Fiction
  • One Among the Indians, Dial Press, 1962; reprinted by Authors Guild Back In Print, 2006, German translation
  • Lonesome Road, Gnomon Press (1998) Adult novel
  • Island Magic, Daniel San Souci, illus., Atheneum (1999) Winner, Detroit Women Writers Millennium Readings competition, Children's Division; American Booksellers Association Children's Pick of the Lists, Fall 1999; 2000 Kentucky Bluegrass Award nominee and Great Lakes Book Award nominee.
  • Kate of Still Waters, Macmillan (1990). Grant-in-aid, Society of Children's Book Writers/Judy Blume contemporary novel-in-progress; Kirkus Reviews pointer; Kentucky Talking Books, 1991.
  • Sarah the Dragon Lady, Macmillan (l986) Kentucky Bluegrass Award nominee; Kirkus Reviews pointer; Avon paperback; Troll Bookclub selection; Anthologized (chapter 9) in KENTUCKYSHOW, Kentucky Department of Education
  • The Star in the Forest, Four Winds Press (1979); School Library Journal starred review; Cited, Guide to Writing for Children, Jane Yolen, The Writer, Inc. (1989) p. 95.
  • Tana and the Useless Monkey, Elsevier/Nelson Books (1979)
  • James the Vine Puller, illus. Larry Thomas, Carolrhoda Books (1975); 2nd ed., 1992., a Kentucky Talking Book
  • Dougal Looks for Birds, Iris Schweitzer, illus., Four Winds Press (1972), Anthologized, Take a Bow, Scott, Foresman textbook, 1980.
  • Darkness Over the Land, Dial Press (1966) American Library Association notable book; Kirkus Review pointer; School Library Journal starred review; Horn Book Magazine Fanfare; Dorothy Canfield Fisher Memorial Children's Book Award Master List; French translation.
  • The Strange House at Newburyport, Dial Press (1963); Parents' Magazine Bookclub Selection; Parker River Researchers paperback, Kentucky Talking Book, German translation.


  • Landscapes, with Bobbie Ann Mason, Frankfort Arts Foundation (l984)
  • Kentucky Bestiary, with Ken Jenkins & J. Albert Dempsey; Frankfort Arts Foundation (1986)


Seventeen; Ingenue; Co-Ed; Humpty Dumpty's Magazine; The Baptist Student; Brigitte; K.I.C.K.S; Virginia Quarterly Review; Georgia Review; Four Quarters; TriQuarterly; Southwest Review; Missouri Review; New Orleans Review; Journal of Kentucky Studies; Generation; Toronto Star Weekly, The Thoroughbred Record; Family Star; Farmer's Weekly


Esquire; Stereo Review; Worldview; The New York Times; Boston Globe; Lexington Herald-Leader; Impresario; Virginia Cavalcade; Mankind; Michigan Quarterly Review; Writer's Digest; Impresario; The Michigan Alumnus; Horsemen's Journal; The Maryland Horse; The Thoroughbred Record.


The New York Times; Mankind; The Detroit Free Press, The Ann Arbor News, The Michigan Free Press, Babyzone.com

Program Topics:

  • Creating Characters
  • How to be a Productive Writer
  • How to be a Successful Writer
  • How to Get the Best From a Visiting Author
  • How to Make Writers of Your Students
  • Island Magic; how a picture book can come to be
  • James the Vine Puller, Afro-Brazilian Folk Tale
  • Planning a Novel: (1) Research Techniques (2) Where My Books Came From

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          E-mail      Web site



          The Rise and Fall of Mount Majestic, Dial/Penguin, 2010


          Program Topics:

          Jennifer regularly speaks and teaches creative workshops for 3rd-6th graders, but her presentations can be adapted for any age level as needed. She also offers free Skype conversations with classes and book clubs. 

  • “What If?” - The importance of imagination, playing the "What if" game as a writer, and the story of how The Rise and Fall of Mount Majestic came to be, along with a reading from the book. 
  • "The Sleeping Giant Young Writers Club" - Through imaginative games and writing exercises, students learn the basic building blocks of stories and come up with an outline for a story of their own by the end of the workshop. Jennifer can adapt the content and length of this workshop according to the needs of the school or library.
  • "Map Your Own Adventure" - Designed especially for younger elementary students, this workshop lets kids draw maps of their own fantasy worlds, then add heroes and conflicts in order to come up with simple stories. 

          For adult audiences: "A World of Wonder" - Art as play; nurturing the creative instinct. 

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 Patsi B. Trollinger



                   E-mail   Web site



  • Perfect Timing: How Isaac Murphy became one of the World’s Greatest Jockeys, Viking, 2006; Benjamin Press, 2010. A Junior Library Guild selection
  • Perfect Timing: How Isaac Murphy Became One of the World's Greatest Jockets, Benjamin Press, 2011. 
  • Thrill in the 'Ville, Benjamin Press, 2012.



·         “Dog Talk,” Ladybug, March 2004.

·         “The Bully Factor,” Ladybug on-line, 2004

·         Numerous articles published in magazines including Keeneland, Back Home in Kentucky, Ceramics Monthly, Centrepiece, and the Emory & Henry Alumnus.

Program Topics:

Patsi Trollinger is a veteran of numerous school visits, book talks, and other presentations. She likes to adapt her topics to fit the needs of individual schools and grade levels. Interaction with students also is her passion, promoting conversation about storytelling, writing, and the power of observation. Some of her past topics have included the following:

·         History Sleuths as Story Tellers - How historical facts become the foundation for great stories

·         The Object at Hand – Using artifacts and everyday objects to promote literacy

·         Are Authors Smarter than Fourth Graders? – Writing challenges shared by students and authors

·         The Story of Isaac Murphy – Sharing the story of an African-American jockey whose life is both an action drama and a narrative about American history

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 Kristin O’Donnell Tubb

E-mail   Web site


  • Autumn Winifred Oliver Does Things Different, Delacorte, 2008
  • Holly Hobbie & Friends: Sunny Days, Simon Scribbles/Simon & Schuster, 2006
  • Animals: An A+ Workbook, Dalmatian Press, 2006
  • Outer Space: An A+ Workbook, Dalmatian Press, 2006
  • The Ultimate Dinosaur Sticker Book, Dalmatian Press, 2006
  • Scooby-Doo:  A Girl’s Best Friend, Dalmatian Press, 2005
  • Basic Shapes:  An A+ Workbook, Dalmatian Press, 2005
  • Basic Colors:  An A+ Workbook, Dalmatian Press, 2005
  • United States of America: An A+ Workbook, Dalmatian Press, 2005
  • The World: An A+ Workbook, Dalmatian Press, 2005
  • Laugh & Learn: Ultimate Sticker Fun Book, Dalmatian Press, 2005
  • The Bill of Rights: Freedom from Cruel and Unusual Punishment, Greenhaven Press, 2005
  •  “They’ll Be Back: Artist Alan Scott Craig,” Highlights Magazine, June 2005
  • The Powerpuff Girls Spiral Activity Book, Dalmatian Press, 2004
  • “It’s All in the Cards:  Collecting Playing Cards,” Antiques & Collecting Magazine, May 2004
  • “The Case of the Vanishing TVs,” Spider Magazine, March 2004
  • “The Case of the Missing Birthday Lasagna,” Spider Magazine, January 2004
  • “You Can’t Burst My Bubble!” Guideposts for Kids on the Web, October 2003
  • “Emma’s Favorite Dress,” Rebus with illustrations, Wee Ones E-Magazine, August 2003
  • “Cutting the Deck:  A Look at Playing Card Collections,” Collectors News, July 2003
  • How to Throw a Successful Fundraising Event, Audiobook, Drive2Learn, Inc., 2002
  • Text for numerous Dalmatian Press coloring and activity books; clients include Cartoon Network and American Greetings licensed characters

Program topics

  • Breaking into children’s publishing
  • The Editor/Author relationship
  • Garnering alternative publishing credits:  activity books, craft books, and merchandise tie-ins
  • Writing for licensed characters
  • Writing for magazines, Web sites and other periodicals

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 Patricia Wiles

Please E-mail the author for additional contact information.

E-mail 1  E-mail 2 Web site


Journalism awards:

  • First place award, spot news; second place award, best column; honorable mention, best general news story, Kentucky Press Association 2009 Excellence in Kentucky Newspapers competition (Class 1 Daily category)
  • First place award, spot news; first place award, best sports feature; second place award, best column, Kentucky Press Association 2008 Excellence in Kentucky Newspapers competition (Class 1 Daily category)
  • First place award, spot news, Kentucky Press Association 2007 Excellence in Kentucky Newspapers competition (Class 1 Daily category)


  • The Final Farewell, Covenant Communications, May 2007
  • Early Morning Cemetery, Covenant Communications, 2006
  • Funeral Home Evenings, Covenant Communications, 2005; Winner of the 2005 Young Adult Fiction Award from the Association for Mormon Letters
  • My Mom's a Mortician, Covenant Communications, 2004; Winner of the 2004 Award for Middle Grade Fiction from the Association for Mormon Letters


  • Commentator for NPR affiliate WKMS-FM, Murray, Kentucky 1997-2002
  • Columnist, The Messenger, Madisonville, Kentucky 2002-2004 (Kentucky Press Association Honorable Mention for best column, 2002)
  • “Ideas in my Attic,” Writer's Digest, August 1999
  • "Advice from Stuart Little,” The Writer, May 2000; reprinted in the 2001 Writer's Handbook, Kalmbach Publishing

Program Topics:

Patricia is an experienced speaker and presenter. She can develop a workshop, seminar, or visit based on your needs and welcomes topic requests. She enjoys collaborating with others and working with groups of all sizes. Conference calls or virtual visits via web cam may also be arranged.

For kids:

How to Write a Feature Article:  This presentation covers the basics of newspaper writing, including:

  • finding story ideas
  • gathering facts and notes
  • working with photographers
  • determining the lead, what to include in the story -- and what to leave out
  • the editing process
  • final publication

The presentation may be adapted for personal narrative, letter to the reviewer (or editor) and creative writing.

For grown-up writers:

  • The Children's Writer's Journey
  • Awaken the Child Within
  • The Basics for Beginning Writers
  • Other programs designed for your needs

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